february, 2024

06feballdaySoldier Cutoff Hillduro - Run10K, Trail Run

Event Details

The area around the Loess Hills State Forest is amazing and hilly and beautiful. The route for this race will swing around Preparation Canyon State Park and wind through the valleys of the Little Sioux River and Soldier River Cutoff (hence the name). The geography in this area is diverse and challenging. We’re estimating the elevation on this race will be over 4,000 ft. But, like we said, it will be worth it. Every climb opens up to another vista and every descent lets you discover a new and less travelled area.

Pisgah’s City Park has great facilities, including camping and showers.


All Day (Tuesday)


Pisgah City Park

300 Park St., Pisgah, IA 51564

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Chris McQueen

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